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Product Overview


     GreenTouch IR touch frame instantly turns LCD/PLASMA/

front/rear projection monitor into interactive display. The original image quality is preserved because there is no film in front of the display. After a simple installation, the screen can be operated with either a finger, glove or a pen. Features like high reliability, no drift, scratch proof with high performance multi-touch support present.







Product Quality 


Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification. The products are assembled in a class 1000 dust-free workshop. During the production process, they pass the 24-hour aging and 100% IQC, OQC testing to ensure product quality. 







Product Advantages


♦ Best optical transparency

♦ Versatile activation,Maintenance free, scratch-proof

♦ Durable, maintenance free with long-life expectancy

♦ Multi-touch 20 points detection,Plug and play

♦ Easy installation,Low power consumption, powered through USB







Installation Introduction


TF series is composed of four or more infrared touch frame strips. When you receive it, you need to correctly connect the A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D corresponding side strips according to the instructions, and ensure that after the flat cable is in full contact with the connecting PIN seat, the safety buckle is fastened, so that each contact point of the flat cable has good conductivity, the unique plug-in installation is simple.





                    Product Parameteres                     


  Product Name:  Infrared Touch Frame TF Series  Sizes: 32"-98"  
  Touch Points: 20 Points Activation Force: No Pressure Required  
  Transparency: 100% Touch Resolution: 32768*32768  
  Input Method: Finger or Touch Pen Response Speed: <10ms  
  Touch Object: >5mm In Diameter, IR Opaque Operating Voltage: DC 5V ±5%  
  Operating Current: <200mA Interface: USB,Plug And Play  
  About Noises: No Noises Warranty: 1Year   
  Certificates: CE,FCC,RoHS  Operation System: Windows,Android,Linux,Mac  
  Durability: Unlimited Number Of Touches  
  Humidity: Operating: 0 to 85%,Storage: 10 to 90%   
  Temperature: Operating: –10°C to 40°C;   Storage: –20°C to 60°C  








About Customizable


•The Screen Sizes











Product Packaging


Our infrared touch frame TF is packaged in an independent paper tube after the strip is removed. EPE protection is used in the paper tube. The transportation cost is low and the product quality and appearance are well guaranteed. An splicing touch frame installation guide is included with each package to make the installation of the client a breeze.








Product Applications








Specifications and Downloads



Sizes Model Touch Points Dimensions Display size Proportion Download
32" GT-IR-TF32-1 20 474*442mm 701*396mm 16:9 Download
40" GT-IR-TF40-1 20 935*548mm 889*502mm 16:9 Download
42" GT-IR-TF42-1 20 980*573mm 934*523mm 16:9 Download
43" GT-IR-TF43-1 20 990*578mm 946*534mm 16:9 Download
46" GT-IR-TF46-1 20 1068*622mm 1018*572mm 16:9 Download
47" GT-IR-TF47-1 20 1091*636mm 1041*586mm 16:9 Download
48" GT-IR-TF48-1 20 1104*642mm 1060*599mm 16:9 Download
49" GT-IR-TF49-1 20 1128*653mm 1076*607mm 16:9 Download
50" GT-IR-TF50-1 20 1144*665mm 1098*619mm 16:9 Download
55" GT-IR-TF55-1 20 1259*730mm 1209*680mm 16:9 Download
58" GT-IR-TF58-1 20 1319*770mm 1273*724mm 16:9 Download
60" GT-IR-TF60-1 20 1379*797mm 1329*747mm 16:9 Download
65" GT-IR-TF65-1 20 1480*855mm 1434*809mm 16:9 Download
69.5" GT-IR-TF69.5-1 20 1588*915mm 1538*865mm 16:9 Download
70" GT-IR-TF70-1 20 1599*921mm 1553*75mm 16:9 Download
75" GT-IR-TF75-1 20 1697*976mm 1651*930mm 16:9 Download
80" GT-IR-TF80-1 20 1821*1046mm 1771*996mm 16:9 Download
82" GT-IR-TF82-1 20 1855*1065mm 1805*1015mm 16:9 Download
84" GT-IR-TF84-1 20 1916*1102mm 1860*1046mm 16:9 Download
85" GT-IR-TF85-1 20 1922*1103mm 1876*1057mm 16:9 Download
86" GT-IR-TF86-1 20 1945*1116mm 1899*1070mm 16:9 Download
98" GT-IR-TF98-1 20 2207*1263mm 2161*1217mm 16:9 Download



* Regular Size: 32 -98 Inches, Other Sizes Can Be Customized
* Touch Type:Infrared ,20 Points Touch
* Material: Aluminium Frame

* Interface:USB,Plug And Play

 * Certificates:CE、FCC、RoHS
 * Warranty:1 Year

* Support Systems:Windows,Android,Linux ,Mac

Infrared Touch Frame 32 ''- 98'' (TF series)