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Product Principle


The principle of the projective capacitive touch foil technology belongs to the projective capacitive screen. It is composed of two transparent thin films, with a grid matrix layer consisting of a layer of metal wires crisscrossed by X and Y axes. Each matrix forms an induction unit that can sense the touch of human hands. Touch foil is the only new method than can achieve curved surface,full transprency,waterproof,anti-pollution,anti-light interference,no frame and touch through glass.







Product Description 


Our touch foil XTB series channel number 222, generally used for 42-110 inches, suitable for early childhood education all-in-one machine, conference board, intelligent blackboard and other fields, these high-frequency use of the scene in addition to the extremely high requirements for stability, writing fluency, response speed, maintainability are valued. XTB series support broken line repair, remote upgrade, strong stability, good writing fluency, fast response 8ms, easy maintenance, report rate of 140, with IC can achieve 40-point touch






Product Advantages


♦ Light weight, suitable to be laminated to glass /acrylic.

♦Transparent, no frame;Accurate positioning.

♦ No mechanical or pressure-sensitive elements, durable and stable.

♦ Not sensitive to outer light, the change of light would not affect.

♦ Multi-touch 40 points (up to 50 touch points).

♦ Simple & quick to install,glass up to 12mm thick.

♦ High resolution controller.






Product Installation 


How to install touch foil for your LCD or projector to realize touch function? Taking LCD screen as an example, the following materials need to be prepared first,glass+touch film+LCD screen+control host+casing+wire, and then start installation: prepare a large glass, determine the projection position, and stick the selected touch film between the glass and LCD screen; Connect and fix the control board, and then connect the control board with the control host; Connect the USB cable to the metal backplane, install the driver, and use it after debugging.






Technical parameter


  Product Name: Interactive Touch Foil (XTB series) Sizes: 42''-110''  
  Touch Points: 40 Points Deviation: ≤0.5mm  
  Sensor: TX : 80(MAX)  RX : 142(MAX) Scanning speed: 8ms/frame  
  FPS: 140 Power Consumption: 1W  
  Power Supply: USB(5V+/-5%DC) Calibration: Software Calibration  
  Thickness: ≤200um Transmittance: >93%  
  Voltage: 5V Transmission: USB2.0  
  Transmit Distance: ≤50m(Add USB Signal Amplifier,  Safe Distance: 2mm  
  OperatingnTemperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃ Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃  
  Touch Gesture: Click、Drag、Zoom、Rotate Warranty: 1 Year  
  Ambient Lightness:  Full-angle Anti-glare Illumination  
  Packing List: Touch Foil*1 ,  Controller*1 ,  USB Line*1  
  Support Systems: Windows,Android,Linux   
  Certificates:    CE、ilac-MRA、CNAS、CAL、CMA、FCC、RoHS、ISO  
  Technical Principle Improved Projected Capacitive Technology, Nano-silver Wire Mesh Matrix Instead Of ITO Layer  







• The touch foil size
• FPC outlet location


• Pasting services

• Glass cover surface treatment AG, AF, AR




Product Applications


Industrial control field, inquiry machine, ATM, vending machine,outdoor advertising,digital signage,game machine.




Specifications and Downloads


  Sizes Model Dimensions Display Size Proportion Download  
  42" GT-TF-XTB42L-1 956.6*561.4mm 929.8*523mm 16:9 Download  
  43" GT-TF-XTB43L-1 978.7*573.8mm 951.9*535.4mm 16:9 Download  
  43" GT-TF-XTB43W-1 995.5*570.6mm 951.9*535.4mm 16:9 Download  
  48" GT-TF-XTB48W-1 1106.1*632.8mm 1062.6*597.7mm 16:9 Download  
  49" GT-TF-XTB49L-1 1111.6*648.5mm 1084.7*610.1mm 16:9 Download  
  49" GT-TF-XTB49W-1 1128.2*645.3mm 1084.7*610.1mm 16:9 Download  
  50" GT-TF-XTB50L-1 1133.7*661mm 1106.9*622.6mm 16:9 Download  
  50" GT-TF-XTB50W-1 1150.4*657.7mm 1106.9*622.6mm 16:9 Download  
  55" GT-TF-XTB55L-1 1244*723mm 1217*684mm 16:9 Download  
  55" GT-TF-XTB55W 1261*720mm 1217*684mm 16:9 Download  
  60" GT-TF-XTB60L-1 1355*785mm 1328*747mm 16:9 Download  
  60" GT-TF-XTB60W-1 1371*782mm 1328*747mm 16:9 Download  
  65" GT-TF-XTB65L-1 1465*847mm 1438*809mm 16:9 Download  
  65" GT-TF-XTB65W-1 1482*844mm 1438*809mm 16:9 Download  
  70" GT-TF-XTB70L-1 1576*909mm 1549*871mm 16:9 Download  
  70" GT-TF-XTB70W-1 1592*906mm 1549*871mm 16:9 Download  
  75" GT-TF-XTB75L-1 1687*972mm 1660*933mm 16:9 Download  
  75" GT-TF-XTB75W-1 1703*969mm 1660*933mm 16:9 Download  
  84" GT-TF-XTB84L-1 1886.4*1084.1mm 1859.5*1046mm 16:9 Download  
  84" GT-TF-XTB84W-1 1902.6*1081.1mm 1859.6*1046mm 16:9 Download  
  86" GT-TF-XTB86L-1 1930*1109mm 1903*1070mm 16:9 Download  
  86" GT-TF-XTB86W-1 1946*1106mm 1903*1070mm 16:9 Download  
  98" GT-TF-XTB98L-1 2196*1258mm 2169*1220mm 16:9 Download  
  98" GT-TF-XTB98W-1 2212*1255mm 2169*1220mm 16:9 Download  
  100" GT-TF-XTB100L-1 2240.6*1283.3mm 2213.8*1245.2mm 16:9 Download  
  100" GT-TF-XTB100W-1 2256.8*1280.4mm 2213.8*1245.2mm 16:9 Download  
  110" GT-TF-TXB110L-1 2462*1407.7mm 2435.1*1369.7mm 16:9 Download  
  110" GT-TF-XTB110W-1 2478*1404.9mm 2435.1*1369.7mm 16:9 Download  


* Regular Size: 42 -110 Inches, Other Sizes Can Be Customized
* Touch Type:PCAP ,40 Points Touch
* Channel:TX80/RX142 

* FPS:140

* Interface:USB


* Certificates:CE、FCC、RoHS
 * Warranty:1 Year
* Support Systems:Windows,Android,Linux

Interactive Touch Foil 42''-110''(XTB series )