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product overview


TK series infrared touch screen is an economical product newly developed by GreenTouch, and has its own research and development procedures, the latest algorithm, high cost performance, 20-point touch and other characteristics, can meet various customization needs, mainly used in ATM, touch display, self-service terminal, military control system, industrial control field, etc.









Product Quality 


Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification. The products are assembled in a class 1000 dust-free workshop. During the production process, they pass the 24-hour aging and 100% IQC, OQC testing to ensure product quality. 





Product Advantages


♦ Vandal proof, wear-resistant,Sunlight-proof

♦ Maintenance free, longer life expectancy.

♦ Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability.

♦ Versatile touch object, super transparency,integrated controller.

♦ Support gesture,operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor.




Product Parameteres



  Product Name:  Infrared Touch Screen TK Series General Sizes:  15'',15.6'', 17" ,18.5",19 ", 21.5", 22" , 23.6"  
  Material: Aluminium Frame+ Tempered Glass Transparency: > 92%  
  Touch Resolution:  Interpolated 32768 X32768 Input Method: Finger or Touch Pen  
   Touch Object: >5mm In Diameter, IR Opaque Response Speed: <10ms  
  Durability:  Unlimited Number Of Touches Operating Voltage: DC 5V ±5%  

Touch Points:

  10 Operating Current:   <200mA  
  About Noies: No Noies Interface: USB,plug and play  
  Transmission Speed: 480Mbps  Altitude:  3,000m  
  Life Time: 1 Year Certificates: CE, FCC,RoHS  
  Touch Surface:  Standard: 3mm Tempered Glass Embedded, AG/AR Glass Optional  
  Vandal-Proof: Meet Ball Drop Test (1.04kg, 63.5mm Diameter Ball Dropped From Height Of 1m)  
  Temperature: Operating: –10°C to 40°C;   Storage: –20°C to 60°C  
  Humidity: Operating: 0 to 85%,Storage: 10 to 90% (RH Non-condensing)  
   Operation System:  Windows / Linux / Android /Mac  





Product Customizable


• The Screen Sizes

• Glass Of Surface Treatment AG, AF, AR

• Glass Thickness





Product Applications


   • POS• ATM• Indoor/outdoor kiosk• In-vehicles and transportation• Medical instrument• Industrial control systems• Gaming machine• Ticket machine  






Specifications And Downloads


  Sizes Model Touch Points Dimensions Display Size Proportion Download  
  15" GT-IR-TK15.0-1 10 347*272mm 305*230MM 4:3 Download  
  15.6" GT-IR-TK15.6-1 10 388*237mm 346*195mm 16:9 Download  
  17" GT-IR-TK17.0-1 10 382*314mm 340*272mm 4:3 Download  
  18.5" GT-IR-TK18.5-1 10 454*275mm 412*233mm 16:9 Download  
  19" GT-IR-TK19.0-1 10 420*345mm 378*303mm 4:3 Download  
  19" GT-IR-TK19.0-2 10 454*300mm 412*258mm 16:10 Download  
  21.5" GT-IR-TK21.5-1 10 520*311mm 478*269mm 16:9 Download  
  22" GT-IR-TK22.0-1 10 518*340mm 476*298mm 16:10 Download  
  23.6" GT-IR-TK23.6-1 10 565*337mm 523*295mm 16:9 Download  


* Regular Size: 15 -23.6 Inches, Other Sizes Can Be Customized
* Touch Type:Infrared ,10 Points Touch
* Material: Aluminium Frame+ Tempered Glass

* Interface:USB,Plug And Play

 * Certificates:CE、FCC、RoHS
 * Warranty:1 Year

* Support Systems:Windows,Android,Linux ,Mac

Infrared Touch Screen 15''-23.6''(TK series )