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Product Overview


The splicing touch frame is an important part of the splicing screen system.Compared with other media propaganda carriers, the splicing screen reflects the extensiveness, intuitiveness, and fun of human-computer interaction and presentation, has a strong visual impact. It has made a big step forward in the development of industry. It is also a promoter of super-sized display integrated touch and convenient for people to operate and use the digital life and brings the greatest convenience and interactivity to life.






Product Quality 


Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification. All products are assembled in a class 1000 dust-free workshop. During the production process, they pass the 24-hour aging and 100% IQC, OQC testing to ensure product quality.





Pruduct Advantages


(1) excellent clarity and performance ,high quality resolution, light transmission and reliability,without ghosts or drift. (2)Sensitive operation for accurate touch input through opaque objects such as fingers, gloves and stylus.(3)Unique narrow edge and thin shape design.(4)They are made of industrial aluminum alloy and the surface is made of industrial high temperature black metal powder spraying process, which is not easy to fall off and lose color. The whole is exquisite, simple and generous.(5)Simple operation, USB connection,plug and play.








PCB Description

      Ultra-thin, ultra-narrow design, no matter whether it is external or built-in, it can adapt to various needs without affecting the appearance and saving built-in space. Infrared sensing principle, simple finishing, LED die, stable performance, high touch precision and long life. The unique installation method makes the installation of the client a breeze.







Installation Instructions


The infrared touch frame TH series is composed of multiple infrared touch frame strips. When you receive the product, you need to correctly connect the AA, BB, CC, DD corresponding side strips according to the instructions, and you need to ensure that the cable Fasten the safety buckle after fully contacting the connecting PIN socket, so that each contact point of the cable has good conductivity, so that the unique plug-in installation is simple and easy to operate.





Product Parameteres


  Product Name:  Large Splicing Infrared Touch Frame TH Series Sizes:     93'' to 500''  
  Touch Points: 10 Points Touch Activation Force: No Pressure Required  
  Material: Aluminium Frame Transparency:     100%  
  Touch Resolution:  Without Driver:32768*32768 Input Method: Finger or Touch Pen  
  Touch Object: >5mm In Diameter, IR Opaque Response Speed: 10-14ms  
  Object Size Recognition: Support Operating Voltage: DC 5V ±5%  
  Touch Refresh Rate:  ≥110Hz Operating Current:   <200mA  
  LED Lifetime:: 60000 hours Interface: USB,Plug And Play  
  Working Temperature:  -10℃~50℃ Storage Temperature:  -20℃~60℃  
  Warranty: 1 Year Certificates: CE, FCC,RoHS  
  Interface: Socket Type USB Cable 1.5 Meters, Socket Type 5P  
  Fault-tolerant: 10% Non-consecutive Sensors Are Damaged  
  Humidity: Up to 90% RH from 0℃ to +40℃,No-condensing  
  ESD:  EN 6100-4-2 2008:3 level.4KV contact discharge and 8KV air discharge  
   Operation System:  Windows / Linux / Android /Mac  






Product Customizable

 GreenTouch can customize the LOGO and screen size according to the size or structure of the customer's LCD screen, the thickness of the glass, etc. The maximum size reach 500 inches.










Product Packaging


Our large splicing infrared touch frame is packaged in an independent paper tube after the strip is removed. EPE protection is used in the paper tube. The transportation cost is low and the product quality and appearance are well guaranteed. An splicing infrared touch frame installation guide is included with each package to make the installation of the client a breeze.



Product Applications




The large-sized spliced touch TV display wall has involved schools, shopping malls, banks,digital exhibition halls,corporate exhibition halls, and government Institutions and military command can be equipped with digital content, interactive games, animation, 3D, VR, interactive audio and video, etc. It is an indispensable and effective application device for today's interactive large-screen demonstrations.






Specification and Download


Size Splicing Way   Model Touch Points Display Size Proportion  Interface Download
93" crosswise splicing 46" 2*2 GT-IR-TH93A-1 10 2097*1207mm 2047*1157mm USB Download
97" crosswise splicing 49" 2*2 GT-IR-TH97A-1 10 2205*1265mm 2155*12515mm USB Download
99" crosswise splicing 55" 1*2 GT-IR-TH99A-1 10 2477*734mm 24727*684mm USB Download
110" crosswise splicing 55" 2*2 GT-IR-TH110A 10 2477*1418mm 2427*1368mm USB Download
118" crosswise splicing 65" 1*2 GT-IR-TH118A-1 10 2932*868mm 2882*818mm USB Download
129" crosswise splicing 46" 2*3 GT-IR-TH129A-1 10 3121*1207mm 3071*1157mm USB Download
130" crosswise splicing 65" 2*2 GT-IR-TH130A-1 10 2932*1686mm 2882*1636mm USB Download
136" crosswise splicing 65" 2*3 GT-IR-TH136A-1 10 3282*1265mm 3232*1215mm USB Download
139" crosswise splicing 46" 3*3 GT-IR-TH139A-1 10 3121*1785mm 3071*1735mm USB Download
141" vertical splicing 65" 1*4 GT-IR-TH141B-1 10 3322*1491mm 3272*1441mm USB Download
143" vertical splicing 55" 1*5 GT-IR-TH143B-1 10 3471*1263mm 3421*1213mm USB Download
146" crosswise splicing 49" 3*3 GT-IR-TH146A-1 10 3282*1873mm 3232*1823mm USB Download
146" crosswise splicing 55" 1*3 GT-IR-TH146A-2 10 3690*734mm 3640*684mm USB Download
153" crosswise splicing 55" 2*3 GT-IR-TH153A-1 10 3690*1418mm 3640*1368mm USB Download
165" crosswise splicing 55" 3*3 GT-IR-TH165A-1 10 3690*2102mm 3640*2052mm USB Download
169" vertical splicing 55" 1*3 GT-IR-TH169B-1 10 3471*1263mm 3421*1213mm USB Download
171" vertical splicing 65" 1*5 GT-IR-TH171B-1 10 4140*1491mm 4090*1441mm USB Download
173" crosswise splicing 65" 1*3 GT-IR-TH173A-1 10 4373*868mm 4323*818mm USB Download
175" crosswise splicing 46" 3*4 GT-IR-TH175A-1 10 4145*1785mm 4095*1735mm USB Download
182" crosswise splicing 65" 2*3 GT-IR-TH182A-1 10 4373*1686mm 4323*1636 USB Download
184" crosswise splicing 49" 3*4 GT-IR-TH184A-1 10 4360*1873mm 4310*1823mm USB Download
185" crosswise splicing 46" 4*4 GT-IR-TH185A-1 10 4145*2364mm 4095*2314mm USB Download
193" crosswise splicing 55" 1*4 GT-IR-TH193A-1 10 4904*734mm 4854*684mm USB Download
195" crosswise splicing49" 4*4 GT-IR-TH195A-1 10 4360*2481mm 4310*2431mm USB Download
196" crosswise splicing 65" 3*3 GT-IR-TH196A-1 10 4373*2504mm 4323*2454mm USB Download
207" crosswise splicing 55" 3*4 GT-IR-TH207A-1 10 4904*2102mm 4854*2052mm USB Download
247" crosswise splicing 65" 3*4 GT-IR-TH247A-1 10 5814*2504mm 5764*2454mm USB Download
252" crosswise splicing 55" 3*5 GT-IR-TH252A-1 10 6117*2102mm 6067*2052mm USB Download


* Touch Type:Infrared ,10 Points Touch
* Material: Aluminium Frame

* Supported Resolution:32768 X 32768

* Interface:USB

 * Certificates:CE、FCC、RoHS
 * Warranty:1 Year

* Support Systems:Windows,Android,Linux ,Mac

* Customized:Support

Large Splicing Infrared Touch Frame 93''-500''(TH series)