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Product Overview


  The LCD touch module, independently developed by GreenTouch, provides global users with a comprehensive and flexible human-computer interaction solution. With intelligent control, the product's human-computer interaction performance is improved, making operation simpler and more flexible.  





Composition of LCD Module 


  GreenTouch's smart screen is not only a color LCD screen, but a color LCD module with integrated driver, which is mainly composed of the following parts: touch screen + LCD + iron frame + PCBA motherboard. The functions of these four parts are as follows: LCD allows us to see the colorful picture; the iron frame gives the LCD screen a layer of protection; the PCBA core driver board with ASIC makes the development of the screen simple; the touch screen realizes the touch use function.  







Product Sizes


  Our LCD module smart screens use capacitive or resistive touch screens, and non-touch screens are also available. The main sizes are 3.5 inch, 4.0 inch, 4.1 inch, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 5.6 inch, 6.86 inch, 7 inch, 8.8 inch, 10.1 inch, 12.1 inch. The length, proportion, thickness, brightness and other parameters of each size are subject to the specifications or the actual object.  





Product Quality



All LCD modul of GreenTouch have undergone a series of process reliability tests before mass production, including aging, high and low temperature, static electricity, pulses and surges, glass stress, four-point bending, ultraviolet light, waterproof and other tests to ensure products quality.








Above is the PCBA board detail reminder diagram. Because the screen size of each size is different, the size of the PCBA board is also different. Please refer to the specifications or the actual product.






Product Features



♦ Simple realization of the integration of touch and display, which is a new type of smart touch interaction.

♦ The color screen can display a variety of colors, at least 65,000 kinds, the display screen is bright and smart.

♦ Full viewing angle, high resolution and contrast, data and graphic display are clear and delicate.

♦ Single or 10-point touch, touch operation is very smooth.

♦ Humanized interactive design, support voice interaction, provide audio playback function, and dynamic background switching.

♦ The offline voice recognition function can be expanded, and the user can control it through voice commands.

♦ Reserve the WIFI module interface and the offline voice recognition module interface.








The upper and lower 2 pictures are the PCBA board connection instructions. Each product is equipped with one HDL65011 connection cable, one HDL65013 connection cable, one 8Pin_2.0mm SMT socket, and one SD001 card as shown in the figure above, or the corresponding HDL662B pinboard is equipped as shown in the figure below. One adapter board, one HDLUSB cable, one SD001 card, one FCC1015A cable, and one FCC-10-1.0 terminal block. Please refer to the product specification for specific installation instructions.







Customized Service



GreenTouch can provide touch screen customization, glass cover , and OCA fitting customization services based on user needs.







Product Applications



Medical beauty industry, security, charging pile, money counter, sorting machine, 3D printer, packaging machinery, public transportation credit card machine, self-service retail, self-service car wash and other industries.







Specifications and Download




Touch  Technology   Backlight Display Size  Resolution Brightness Download  







250 nits Download  


G48320C035_03WN No Touch  LED 49.0*73.4mm 320x480 300 nits Download  


G80480C040_03WTC Capacitive   LED 51.4*86.0mm 480x800 350 nits Download  







250 nits Download  



No Touch   LED



200 nits Download  


G80480C043_01WTR Resistive   LED 56.1*93.9mm 480x800 250 nits Download  


Capacitive   LED 62.1*110.4mm 720x1280 250 nits Download  


Capacitive  LED 112.9*84.7mm 640x480 250 nits Download  


G12480C068_03WTC Capacitive   LED 159.5*59.2mm 1280x480 300 nits Download  


Capacitive   LED 154.2*85.9mm 1024x600 300 nits Download  
  8.0” T10768C080_07WN

No Touch

  LED 162*121.5mm 1024x768 300 nits Download  


Capacitive   LED 162*121.5mm 1024x768 250 nits Download  


G19480C088_03WTC Capacitive   LED 218.8*54.7mm 1920x480 300 nits Download  
  10.1” T10600C101_07WN

No Touch

  LED 222.7*125.3mm 1024x600 250 nits Download  
  10.1” T10600C101_07WT


  LED 222.7*125.3mm 1024x600 200 nits Download  


Capacitive   LED 246*184.5mm  800x600 300 nits Download  



* Regular Size: 3.5 -12.1 Inches

* Type ①:No Touch

* Touch Type ①:4 Wire Resistive ,Single Touch

* Touch Type ②:PCAP , 10 Points Touch

* Material:Touch Screen + LCD + Iron Frame + PCBA Motherboard 

* Touch IC / : EETI

* Interface:USB

* Certificates:CE、FCC、RoHS

* Warranty:1 Year

Touch LCD module 3.5 inch to 12.1 inch