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Product Overview


GreenTouch's self-developed Android version of the open frame touchscreen computer is one of the most versati product lines on the market. It is suitable for a safe and flexible Android system and provides you with reliable commercial or industrial-grade solutions. Your customers' interactive experience seamlessly connects from the mobile device to the store, and realizes simple human-computer interaction or seamlessly connects your customers from mobile devices to in-store interactive experiences.  The 2C series adopts modular design, versatile and powerful, and can be used in public environments such as in-store human-computer interaction, operating system cashiers, self-service, hotel services, and corporate office. It has a wide range of uses, provides a variety of sizes and configuration options, and has cross-environmental use the versatility, sturdiness and durability, can meet the needs of continuous public use.

Open frame industrial touch all-in-one PC 2C is made based on the idea "designed for simple and convenience" and with the proven GreenTouch professionalism and reliability. The precise small frame design makes it easier for customers to install them product in the cabinet. Designed and built by GreenTouch, the model has a long life cycle and can offer long-term demands.The models offer multi-touch 10 points acpacitive touch technology .Our company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 system.The model has global standard of agencies' certification and GreenTouch warranty and after-sales service


Product Features

♦ Adopting Core Micro RK3288, The Strongest Four Core 1.8GHz of motherboard

♦ Industrial-grade LCD screen and capacitive touchscreen panel

♦ Waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof :IP65 (front) IK08 (front) 

♦ Anti-shock and anti-vibration 

♦ Metal shell, strong and durable 

♦ Support APP application

♦ Dense ventilation holes on the back, efficient heat dissipation

♦ Wide range of product application

♦ Running 24 hours a day

♦ Support customized services



System Introduction


Based on the advantages of the Android system, the Android architecture is a wise choice, embodied in security, flexibility, predictability, manageability, and can ensure low deployment prices.




Product Installation


As shown in the left picture one, the open  frame touch screen computer(10.1"-27") is equipped with both 100mm or 75mm VESA mounting and an external mounting bracket. The installation of these two methods is simple and easy to operate, giving you flexibility install different scenarios. As shown in the left picture two, the 2C touch all-in-one PC (32"-55") is equipped with a mounting bracket on the back, which can be embedded and wall mounted.


Display Port/Power Plug Description


As show the left picture,The all-in-one  PC has a series of output connection ports to support various third-party peripheral devices. Standard ports include 2 standard USB ports, 1 RS-232 serial port, Gigabit wired network card interface and a 3.5MM audio left and right channel output, 1 TF card and locked SIM card holder, 1 HDMI video Output port, easy to add a second guest display.As show the right picture,the power plug is selected according to different styles of each country.



Cover Application 


It has been verified that our 2C series Android touchscreen computer is a multi-functional and durable device. Information query system applications, games and entertainment industry applications, industrial automation applications, self-service applications, etc., 2C can be competent to meet the needs of daily continuous use.





           Fully Integrated





                       Screen Size : 15" to 55"                                             Operating Systems:  Android 6.0                                    Motherboard:Core Micro RK3288, Four Core                                  










SSD:8G,16G,32G ,64GB


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac
supporting 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
bands, ethernet & BLE5.0




Technical Parameters



             Product Name

                       Android Industrial Open Frame Touchscreen Computer(2C series)

            Frame color/Display type

                        Black color ,Active matrix TFT LCD, LED

             Display Colors


             Touch Technology



                        projected capacitive 
                        Touch chip:EETI,ILITEK,WEIDA

                        Touch Points:10 Points

                       supply voltage:5V        
                       Touch interface:USB Touch  
                         support system:Windows,Android,linux




                         Core micro RK3288, the strongest four core 1.8GHz Cortex-A17, four core
                            QuanzhiA83T, Cortex-A7 architecture, main frequency 2.0G

          Operating System   



                         Default 2GB (up to 4GB)

         Built in Memory

                         EMMC8G(Default)/16G/32G/64G(optional) ZC-83E Motherboard: up to 32G

         Network Support

                         3G、Ethernet, WiFi / Bluetooth 4.0, wireless peripheral extension
          Wireless Built in WiFi or WiFi / BT module (optional), 802.11b/g/n, default single WiFi module, external 1 3dB omnidirectional antenna


Built-in 2*3W speakers

          HDMI Output

                         1,Support 1080P@120Hz,4kX2k@60Hz Output

          USB Interface

                         2 xUSB HOST

          TF Card

                         Support TF Card

         Headset / Microphone

                         1 external headphone audio output

         Audio and video output

                        Support left and right channel output, built-in 8R / 5W power amplifier

         Video function

                        USB camera support
         Power External DC, input voltage DC: 12V; INPUT POWER CONNECTOR SPECIFICATIONS (for all in one PC) - Type: DC cartridge receptacle; Cartridge ID: 5.5 mm (± 0.3 mm); Needle OD: 2.0 mm (+0.0 -0.1 mm); Cartridge depth: 8.0 mm (± 0.3 mm);

         Power consumption 

                        Depend on Motherboard and the minimum is 25W


                        Operating: 0 ° C to 60 ° C; Storage: -20 ° C to 60 ° C


       Operating: 20% to 80% (non-condensing); Storage: 5% to 95% (non- condensing)
                        1 year

          Mounting Options

 100mm or 75mm VESA mounting,open bracket mounting ,Wall mounted installation
           Water and dust protection/Explosion-proof                          IP65(front)/IK08(front)
          Surface treatmen                          AG AR AF (Optional)

           Agency Approvals

                         UL, FCC, CE, CB, HDMI




Specifications and Downloads




Ratio Interface

display Size


Active Area Dimensions(H*V) Brightness Resolution Response time Contrast ratio Download


16:10 VGA,HDMI 263.8*178.8*45mm 246.9*135.6mm 330 nits 1280*800Hz 25 ms 600:1 Download







300 nits


15 ms 1500:1 Download







220 nits


3 ms 650:1 Download







250 nits


5 ms 1000:1 Download


16:9 VGA,HDMI 457*281*47mm 409.8*230.4mm 250 nits 1366*768Hz 1.4 ms 1000:1 Download



5:4 VGA,HDMI 430*355*47mm 376.3*301mm 250 nits 1280*1024Hz 5 ms 1000:1 Download
21.5" GT-TC-2152C-CTW-Android


VGA,HDMI 532*319*47mm 476.6*268.1mm 250 nits 1920*1080Hz 5 ms 1000:1 Download


16:10 VGA,HDMI 527.2*350*60mm 473.7*296.1mm 250 nits 1680*1050Hz 3.7 ms 1000:1 Download


16:9 VGA,HDMI 581.8*350.8*60mm 521.2*293.2mm 300 nits 1920*1080Hz 3.5 ms 1000:1 Download
23.8" GT-TC-2382C-CTW-Android 16:9 VGA,HDMI


527*296.4mm 250 nits 1920*1080Hz 14 ms 1000:1 Download
27" GT-TC-2702C-CTW-Android 16:9 VGA,HDMI


597.8*336.3mm 300 nits 1920*1080Hz 14 ms 1000:1 Download
32" GT-TC-3202C-CTW-Android


VGA,HDMI 749.1*452.7*65mm 698.4*392.8mm 400 nits 1920*1080Hz 8 ms 1200:1 Download
43" GT-TC-4302C-CTW-Android


VGA,HDMI 1007.3*596.6*69mm 940.8*529.2mm 400 nits 1920*1080Hz 8 ms 1200:1 Download
49" GT-TC-4902C-CTW-Android


VGA,HDMI 1141.9*672.2*71mm 1073.7*604mm 380 nits 1920*1080Hz 8 ms 1200:1 Download


16:9 VGA,HDMI 1277.7*748.5*70mm 1209.6*680.4mm 400 nits 1920*1080Hz 8 ms 1200:1 Download


* Display Type: Active Matrix TFT LCD, LED Backlight
* Touch Type:PCAP ,10 Points Touch

* Extra Video Output:1*VGA,1*HDMI

* Interface:2X USB Host

* Motherboard:Core Micro RK3288, The Strongest Four Core 1.8GHz

*  Water-proof/Dust-proof/Explosion-proof:IP65(Front)/IK08(Front)

* Supported OS:Android 6.0

* Certificates:UL,FCC,CE,CB,HDMI

* Warranty:1 Year

Industrial open frame touchscreen computer 2C series for Android